Concert at festival minimal #2Monday 2018 November 19

2 juin 2018, 100ecs, Paris

Marek Biernacki, guitar
Catherine Simonet, piano

Mini mires #8 to 12Monday 2018 February 26

July-december 2016

Minimalistic clips published in le journal minimal.
See the videoclips

Prime time and La grande grèveMonday 2018 February 26

Avril and mai 2016

Mini mires#6 and #7, published in le journal minimal.
See the videoclips.

Christmas le grand mix, Au coin du feu and Le rayon vertMonday 2018 February 26

Mini mires #3 to #5, experimental videoclips published in le journal minimal from décembre 2015 to march 2016.
See the videoclips..

La vallée des cloches and Des bougies en rafalesMonday 2018 February 26

Two experimental viodeoclips published in le journal minimal in november 2015. Interludes created from various sounds and pictures of my environment, the second one is a tribute to the victims of november the 13th Paris attacks.
See the videoclips.

Virginia Woolf's MelodySunday 2015 October 11

Théâtre de Nesle, Paris 6ème. From october the 6th to January the 21st, 2015.

Several "Méditations et Pièces d'Enfance" and some other pieces in "Virginia Woolf's Melody" drama, an adaptation of "Mrs Dalloway" by Carol-Ann Willering. 

traits d'espritSunday 2015 October 11

galerie du jour agnès b., april-may 2015

"Méditation en sol" synchronised on the video teaser of the exposition "Traits d'esprit":  See the video

In Between at the METAfestival #1Sunday 2015 October 11

Galerie Laurent Mueller, april 2015

Interactive audiovisual installation, performed on Max/Msp/Jitter.

Electroacoustic concert at the Metafestival #1Sunday 2015 October 11

Galerie Laurent Mueller, april 2015

Digital music chamber on baroque patterns.

Extract from the concert, improvisation on Rameau's "Le Rappel des Oiseaux" : see the video

"Opus pour piano" on Carol-Ann Willering's videosSunday 2015 October 11

Enghien-les-Bains' media library, october-january 2014

"Maria Casarès, une actrice de rupture"

Photo exposition, autograph conference, video creation.

Savez-vous planter les sonsSunday 2014 August 24

Opening of the sound blog Savez-vous planter les sons (Do you know how to plant sounds) on the new platform. 

Welcome in my sound garden, I plant simple or made up, natural or forged, recognizable or mysterious sounds, surroundings sounds which inspire me and wich I cultivate daily.

Music for the play "Au commencement était le Verbe" Saturday November 17 2012Thursday 2013 October 31

Théâtre du Temps

Music for Elise Jadelot’s first play, performed at the Théâtre du Temps from November 17 to December 16 2012.
A woman alone in an empty room. She writes on a small box that alternately serves as a writing case, a pillow and as a confident.

universcience.tvmardi June 5 2012Thursday 2013 October 31

Music for the filmed report "Gaz moutarde dans la Baltique" by Antonio Fischetti. 

The Baltic Sea served as a dump for hundreds of thousands of unused shells from the Second World War. Sixty years later, there’s a risk that the chemicals they contain may leak. An expedition lead by Jacek Beldowski, chemist at the Polish Science Institute, sails back and forth on these waters in order to locate these highly toxic munitions.

Solo piano concert Thursday November 17 2011Thursday 2013 October 31

Studio Le Regard du Cygne

Solo piano concerts on November 17 and 18 2011.  

The program includes: "7 méditations et 5 pièces d'Enfance", the opus for piano released on CD in Spring 2011 as well as new compositions.